New Medical Inventions that Give Hope

eLEGS Electronic Legs that help Paraplegics to Walk

Artificially-intelligent bionic exoskeleton that helps paraplegics to walk. It uses a lithium-ion battery-powered device. The eLEGS user must get sure to secure the velcro straps and clips to themselves and in few minutes they will be able to use it after having a little practice.
Practiced users can walk as fast as two miles per hour, and eLEGS pack enough battery power for four hours of use before recharging–much longer than average users would need. Adding more battery cells is easy. The eLEGS take approximately an hour and a half to charge from a standard outlet.

Anti-Migraine Patch going for FDA Review

Migraine Incidence by Age, Gender, Type

NuPathe Inc. out of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania has announced that US FDA has accepted for filing the company’s New Drug Application (NDA) for Zelrix electronic transdermal patch, a pharmaceutical designed to treat migraines.

It  is an active, single-use arm patch, transdermal sumatriptan patch in development for the treatment of migraine. It provides migraine patients fast onset and sustained relief through a tolerable, non-oral route of administration. It avoids the need for oral administration and does not depend upon gastrointestinal absorption, so it avoid patients the awful nausea and the fear of vomiting. SmartRelief consists of a controlled delivery technology that uses a mild electrical current to actively transport medication through the skin using a process called iontophoresis.

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