New Nanostructured Magnet

Magnesium alloy

Nanotechnology has become one of the most important factor in every field of science, the latest field that Nano technology has invade is Magnetism.

New Magnets made of nanocomposites materials has appeared, this discovery can lessen the demand on the rare raw materials, with the same quality.

General Electric’s researchers has developed the new nanocomposite magnets through exchange coupling to increase the magnetism. The new nanocomposite magnets would provide more magnetic power from less material.

The new magnets would also be smaller and lighter, a nanostructured magnets, so that we would use smaller amounts of rare-earth metals than standard magnets.

The strongest magnets rely on an alloy of the rare-earth metal neodymium that also includes iron and boron, and sometimes they add dysprosium and terbium, to these magnets to improve their properties.

The new Magnets could ease the manufacturing of making more efficient green car engines and wind turbins.

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