New Solar Powered Inventions in 2011

Illustration: Different types of renewable energy.
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A Japanese company Eco Marine Power are presenting a renewable energy different than before.  By being able to generate power via either solar or wind energy, the system, called The Aquarius, is able to collect both solar and wind energy to power ships. The aquarius has a possibility to really reduce the carbon pollutions of the world’s shipping. The series of rigid sail apparatuses also has potential for smaller craft as well.

Super-Efficient Cells Key to Low-Cost Solar Power

A solar company and a national energy lab combined together to develop a solar power concentrator that generates electricity at the price of  natural gas.
The Amonix 7700 Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) Solar Power Generator, developed by Amonix and the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, is the size of an IMAX screen but costs much less than comparable generators, partly because of the efficiency of its small solar cells. It delivers more “energy per acre” than anything yet available in the solar energy world.

Another big breakthrough in the same field of  harnessing the solar power to produce energy, trying to get rid of the environmental polluting carbon energies.

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Mark Delucchi and Mark Jacobsona, have reached a new technology that can completely power our electric grid system in about 20 years. While the hurtles are massive and the numbers are staggering the report is a hopeful look at how we can eliminate our very bad habit of pumping vast amounts of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.


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