New Two Bridges designs to harness sun and wind

The first design is an Italian design by Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino came up with a stunning design of a structure called Solar Wind. What is even more impressive is that this design can become a reality.
The structure represents a bridge with large wind turbines mounted under it, between the pillars. The bridge will traverse a valley with large open space and the wind turbines will operate at high altitude where the speed of wind is higher, thus more green energy will be collected.
The road surface would replace traditional asphalt with 20 km (12.4 miles) of “solar roadways” consisting of a dense grid of solar cells coated with a transparent and durable plastic coating providing 11.2 million kWh per year. The designers say this system, combined with the 26 wind turbines integrated underneath the bridge generating 36 million kWh per year, would provide enough electricity to power approximately 15,000 homes.

The second design is by French group of Philippe Rizzotti, Vermet Tanguy, Manal Rachdi, and Samuel Nageotte) proposed a “vertical village” built into one of the highway’s bridge structures in a volcanically active area. Geothermal power would provide juice for inhabitants, and the verticality of the structures would provide a good use of what’s normally dead space occupied by pilings. Large horizontal decks would provide both public space and a means of capturing rainwater

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