Old useless Architects turning to Green

Germany's Highest Water Slide Tower

Can you beleive that an Old Hanger turns into this wonderful tropical park?

CargoLifter originally built the hangar  in north-east Germany, to develop airships to move bulky cargo such as turbines and oil rigs over long distances.

Such airships would have been built along the lines of the original Zeppelin.

The story of the park started when The airship developers CargoLifter went bust.

So, The Malaysian firm bought the building and transformed it  from a huge hangar built to house modern versions of the Zeppelin airship, to be a tropical theme park.

The empty building has been transformed into their Tropical Islands Resort, a massive indoor theme park. Inside you will find lakes, a beach and a jungle made up of 10,000 tropical plants – and may host nightly musical performances.

The building’s roof is 70,000 square meters and the indoor pool has the area of 4 Olympic sized pools. The south side of the structure was equipped with a transparent film that replaced the steel skin. Thus move daylight will illuminate the hangar.

Inside visitors will be able to find a small tropical forest composed of 50,000 trees and a 9 story tall water slide.They welded the 600-ton steel doors shut, replaced its steel skin with 20,000 square yards of translucent film, and brought along everything they needed to build a totally immersive, totally fake paradise: 600 feet of sandy beach for a fake shoreline, 50,000 trees of some 600 varieties, comprising the world’s biggest indoor rainforest, and, of course, a nine-story water slide that sends riders shooting down into a 3,000 square yard swimming pool at 44 MPH.

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