OLED and the Future Viewing

What is OLED – Organic light emitting diodes!
It is a technology which gives us wide viewing angles, exceptional color reproduction, outstanding contrast levels, and high brightness.
OLED is starting to be the new technology that will predominates the world.

The Giant Japanese company for technology Sony announced about the creation of the world’s first prototype flexible color video screen. The company’s flexible Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) is so small that can be rolled around a pencil.
Sony’s latest invention is made of very thin flexible material equipped with organic semiconductors. It is possible that in future the screen could be used in the production of handset devices, electronic newspapers and magazines.
Currently the department of New Energy and Industrial Technologies (Nedo) in Japan is working on a manufacturing chain for screens, which would print flexible OLED displays almost the same way traditional newspapers are printed.

A German company called Sterrix Technologies decided to fill several patents for its revolutionary OLED 3D auto stereoscopic display. In order to provide a more relaxing 3D viewing, the display will make use of new pixel structure with colored pixels.
The pictures that we can see on this display have a 100 times higher resolution that HD pictures, the viewer can watch 3D images from any angle and without using special glasses.
Currently the German company is working on the creation of prototypes of its 3D OLED auto stereoscopic displays.

The Giant South Korean company for technology Samsung announced about the W960 – World’s First Cell Phone with AMOLED 3D Screen, it is built in 3D technology.
According to the company, Samsung W960 is going to be the first cell phone in the world with a three-dimensional display that allows users to watch all the content on the phone in 3D without the need to wear special glasses and with a touchscreen.
According to Samsung, soon it is going to launch the world’s first cell phone with 3D technology.

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