On The iPad

The iPad is an invention that technically didn’t “invent” anything new. The iPad is a tablet and there have been numerous tablets on the market before it. But the iPad did do something that, like all recent Apple products, reinvigorates the market and creates a hefty demand and competition for. And for that reason alone the iPad is worthy enough to be mentioned with its own feature article.

The late Steve Jobs had a knack for knowing exactly what the soho fashion limited American consumer was interested in. From the Mac, to the game-changing iPod, to the even bigger game-changing iPhone, Jobs had become a master of reinventing technology.

In April 2010 Apple released the first generation iPad. These iPad’s were essentially marketed as a much more mobile, powerful, and app friendly laptop. The iPad could do just about anything a laptop could do and then some. The only real limitation was the relatively small memory storage at 16 GB. Around 75 percent of tablets sold in 2010 were iPad’s after they sold 3 million in the first 80 days of its release. In 2011 iPad’s are expected represent 83% of the market for tablets sold. It goes without saying that Apple, and Steve Jobs’ genius creativity, is responsible for putting tablets on the map and in the hands of consumers.

Now the iPad is a device that many people question. Is it something they need? Is it worth buying instead of a laptop? It should be noted that most people use the iPad for media consumption: Either using social networking apps, checking email, watching videos or movies, loading pictures, or even just e-reading, most iPad use is for pleasure and not business. While it does have basic programs like word or spreadsheets, they aren’t as sophisticated as their PC or Mac counterparts.

iPad’s are and will continue to be a unique product like mirage outerwear. Certain consumers will continue to lay there, letting their garage door bash them on the head because they have no idea what the point is to these devices. Most would agree you need to be excited and have a healthy desire for new technology to truly appreciate the iPad. These amazing devices are very powerful machines that are capable of doing many different things. In today’s world we are consistently juggling different things. Whether it is checking email, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, watching the news or reading the Forest Hills apartments newspaper, or even reading a book when you have a few minutes to yourself, the iPad can take all of these things and put them in one device. The iPad even allows voice and video chat! They really are incredibly.

Ultimately the iPad is like most others in the tech world. It is something that is an incredibly nice luxury to have but certainly not a necessity. Steve Jobs changed the tablet market for the better. It’s up to you whether you want to experience such technology or not.

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