Physicists Discover How The Ancient Egyptians Built the Pyramids

Egyptian pyramids are considered the oldest man-made wonder that are still existing on earth, they were built by the Pharaohs of the old and middle families as tombs of the Pharaohs and their entourage, building the pyramids started more than 4600 years ago. There are several types of pyramids a one step pyramids called the Mastaba, several steps pyramids which is called Step Pyramid and the smooth-sided pyramid.

Some people were convinced that the pyramids were built by slaves, others suggested that the pyramids were built by aliens; These are myth that lasted for thousands of years.

The biggest problem that have confused everyone is how did the Egyptians moved the huge rocks – that each weighs more than 2 tons. How did they transfer the rocks from the desert to the area were the pyramids lies and how they were able to get it up.

The secret lies in water as it was noticed in the Ancient Egyptians wall drawings from the tomb of the ancient nomarch that they watered the sand before the sledges run over it but no one knew why, some suggested that it was one of the sacred steps the ancient Egyptians usually did.

Lately Physicists at FOM Foundation and the University of Amsterdam have reached a major discovery that has proved the truth about building the pyramids. The physicists have proved that the Egyptians watered the sand in front of the sledges used to transfer the huge rocks. Adding water to the sand stopped it from piling up in front of the sledges than the dry sand.

Also the water make the sand stick together and easier to be shaped which allowed them to make a ramp for the sledges to run over easily in order they would stack the rocks above the others.

The Physicists did not just give us a theory but they proved it by experiment as they used a small sledge in the laboratory that is analogous to the Egyptian sledges and found out that using the right amount of water the sledge was able to slide on the watered sand as twice easier than the dry sand.

So, it took the scientists more than 4600 years to figure out how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids and that is a considered a great discovery, of course I can say that the great discovery was made by the Ancient Egyptians when they used the water to build the pyramids, and a great work to build the pyramids.

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