Rainwater’s Engine

According to Lefigaro magazine, Laurent Baltazar who sells his system for five years now,  said that the rainwater’s engine actually brings water in spray form to improve engine efficiency. The combustion process is more efficient because the combustion temperature is reduced.  The kit, which costs about 300 EUR, is to install a system for storing water in a tank and frost resistant under the hood and then inject water into the engine. The device allows a motorist to reduce from 20% to 50% fuel consumption.

The effectiveness of the system depends on “the legality of the conduct and the load of the vehicle,” the creator of the device said”. Fuel economy will thus be greater on agricultural machinery, trucks or boats because the load is heavy and steady pace.

Regarding cars, traffic on highway permit greater efficiency in town for example. The car model can also play. Thus, an owner of 306 indicates that the vehicle autonomy gain is about 300 kilometers on a full, says the motorist to 1200 km with the device where it was 900 km previously. Fill the rainwater tank every 1000 km.

Another advantage, carbon emissions are reduced with this system. “On at least 20%,” says the inventor. But again the benefits of the system depends on the vehicle. “On a car, we could measure the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere has been reduced by 70% after installing the kit.” The effectiveness of the device is greater on the most dilapidated vehicles.

Only constraint, says Laurent Baltazar, users of this system should fill the tank kit every 1000 km with rain water or demineralized water.
Moreover, term users of the system may need to replace parts inside the device, says Baltazar who explained that still the lack of hindsight to know the rate of degradation of the kit. The latter however, that “the life of the system is around 150,000 kilometers, the life of an engine.” He added that his system is legal and does not damage engines. “We have never heard that the fog damages the engines, says Baltazar.

The success of its system is growing. If fitted to around 1,000 vehicles in the first year, it aims this year around 10,000 systems sold. And a large group would have passed him a major order for catalysts of series production. Laurent Baltazar, who says to fill orders, indicates rethink its organization to fill satisfy demands.


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  1. Well….don’t alot of super duper dragsters and monster truck, tractor pulling rigs inject water and other liquids to help increase horsepower and cool the motor..


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