Recycled Bottles Make A Recyclable Counter Top

Solcomhouse provides information on numerous environmental and world issues, such as solar energy, rainforests, coral reefs, ozone, global warming, endangered species, recycling, and things you can do to protect the environment.

Solcomhouse categorized their environmental news into 3 categories: Climate change evidence, ways they can make an impact, and green inventions.”

According to Solcomhouse, By getting connecting and informed about the environment, people are more likely to care and make decisions in their daily life which will ultimately benefit the earth.

Solcomhouse has published a post about various solutions using recycled materials to replace the materials used nowadays.

Granite, is the common materials for counter tops and table tops in our houses, the main reason that people choose granite for is the beautiful look it gives to the counter tops, probably if there is another source of counter tops that looks as good as the granite, then the granite will loose its lead. A mixture of recycled glass and concrete or other recycled materials could be an alternative for granite in the counter tops.

Several different companies offer a variety of styles in this eco friendly technology, so there are a number of options to choose from.  Vetrazzo makes the most dramatic look, using large pieces of glass in its design.  The countertop looks like a mosaic, with 85 percent of the total product comprising of glass.  The company sets itself apart from competitors with the personal human attention going into every counter top.  Each surface takes about a month to produce, getting the attention of several different artisans along the way, which ensures perfection.  The look is certainly a conversation piece, allowing you to spark discussions and share your passion for eco friendly products with all your guests.

IceStone has a more traditional look. Rather than large pieces of glass, the recycled material is ground down for a more uniform color and texture. According to their website, the combination of 100 percent recycled glass, cement, and pigment makes their product the safest, most sustainable, and durable surface in the world. The product can even be installed as flooring in new homes.

Fuez is similar to IceStone, but offers a more honed look than the glossy IceStone surfaces. Fuez uses up to 80 percent recycled materials, with a combination of cement, fly ash, and recycled glass. The company has 28 standard options, but clients are encouraged to create their own if they wish.

Finally, Squak Mountain is the best imitation of concrete. It is made up of very finely ground glass, recycled paper, and low-carbon cement. The end result is half the weight of concrete, but twice the strength. Some products resemble soapstone and limestones.

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