Improving the delivery of chemotherapy with graphene

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A new study published in IOP Publishing’s journal 2D Materials has proposed using graphene as an alternative coating for catheters to improve the delivery of chemotherapy drugs.

Source: Improving the delivery of chemotherapy with graphene

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This shows that existing materials is being used in new ways all the time, and that is what true innovation is all about. Finding new uses lot already existing technology is a whole lot easier than coming up with new materials.

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Magical Coconut Oil

Magical Coconut OilCoconut oil can be considered one of the major ingredients in lots of components in food , beauty and health. Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel os the coconut available in the coconut fruits. Always buy the organic coconut oil and do not buy the refined types with no odour or flavor.

Coconut oil is a major ingredient in beauty components for hair, skin as it is an ingredient in hair serum, body lotion and face moisturizer.

Coconut oil has been tried in several usages that concerns health and beauty.

Coconut oil is a major ingredient in beauty components for hair, skin as it is an ingredient in hair serum, body lotion and face moisturizer.

It has proven to be successful in uses as:

  • Use it directly on your skin and rub it as it is a great lotion.
  • It can be used as a sun screen.
  • Coconut oil is great as a hair conditioner.
  • Rub the dry parts (as elbows) daily to softness it.
  • It can protect the babies from diaper rash.
  • Coconut oil can be used as makeup removal.
  • It can be used as a shaving cream.
  • By adding some baking soda you can use as a toothpaste that helps in controlling plaque, fighting tooth decay and gum infection.
  • It has been proved as an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.
  • Coconut oil helps in fighting aging whether the internal brain aging (Alzheimer) or the outer aging if used as a lotion.
  • It has been proven that it helps in burning fats so by the daily use it can lead to the loss of weight. It can also help in other way because it gives a feeling of station.

Coconut oil has been proved that it does not increase the risk of heart disease as other types of oils, it also help decrease the cholesterol levels in the body, so you can use it in the kitchen:

  • It can be used in cooking as other types of other vegetable oil.
  • It has many components that can help the body as a food supplementary.
  • If you add a tea-spoon of coconut oil to your tea it will help you to overcome the sore throat and the cold.

If you are going to use coconut oil regularly so you need to buy large amounts of it, you can restore it just on the kitchen table, no need to refrigerate it.

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Eye And Nasal Allergy

Eye AllergyWhat is eye allergy? What are the symptoms?
Eye allergy is the reaction of the body towards the allergens that irritate the eye. This irritation leads to the eye producing histamine, which causes the itchiness, redness, swelling tearing and burning of eyelids and conjunctiva.

What causes eye allergies?
Allergy happens due to hereditary causes in most cases as the eyes can be sensitive to some sorts of makeups, antibiotics or substances in the air as pet dander, dust, pollen and mold spores.

How can you treat eye allergy?
Use the allergy eye drops or even the artificial tears, take oral antihistamine, wash your eyes with warm water and do not use any cleaning solutions, avoid wearing contact lenses, avoid to wear make up on your eyes, avoid rubbing or scratching your eye and above all avoid the sources of allergy.

Nasal AllergyWhat is nasal allergy? What are the symptoms?
Nasal allergy, allergic rhinitis, or hay fever are all names of the same thing, nasal allergy is the reaction of the body against some sorts of allergy causes, this reaction causes the inflation of nasal passages which causes the frequent sneezes, itched nose, problems in smelling, runny nose or blocked nose. There are other symptoms as headache, fatigue, clogged ears, tearing and itchy eyes.

What causes nasal allergies?
Nasal allergy is caused due to exposing to different allergens as dust, pollen, molds or animal dander.

How can you treat nasal allergy?
Avoiding the cause of your allergy is the main reason of not getting sick. But in case you got the allergy, you can try to make the symptoms less by using saline as a nasal wash, drink lots of water, take an antihistamine and sometimes some herbs can be very helpful as Turmeric, Thyme or Mustard oil. But in severe cases the patient has to consult a physician.

Omega-3 intake linked to signs of brain aging

Recent studies suggest that taking supplements of Omega-3 or through diet changes can reduce brain damage as we age.

Older women with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood had slightly less brain shrinkage than women with low fatty acid levels in a new study.

The results may suggest that omega-3s protect the brain from the loss of volume that happens with normal aging and is seen more severely in people with dementia, the researchers say.

“The brain gets smaller during the normal aging process – about 0.5 percent per year after age 70, but dementia is associated with an accelerated and localized process of brain shrinkage,” said James Pottala, who led the study.

Pottala is an assistant professor at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine in Sioux Falls and chief statistician for the Health Diagnostic Laboratory in Richmond, Virginia.

He and his colleagues analyzed data from the Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study to see whether omega-3s were associated with brain shrinkage in general, and in specific brain regions involved in memory and other cognitive processes.

The data covered 1,111 women who were, on average, 70 years old and had no signs of dementia at the beginning of the study. At that time, the amounts of the omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in their red blood cells were measured.

DHA accounts for 30 percent to 40 percent of the fatty acids found in brain cell membranes, and it’s especially concentrated near the synapses where the cells communicate with one another, Pottala and his colleagues note in their report, published in the journal Neurology.

Red blood cell levels of the omega-3s are good indicators of how much a person has consumed, the researchers add.

The researchers used an omega-3 index to describe the fatty acid levels seen among women in the study and to divide them into four groups: women with the highest levels had an average index reading of around 7.5 percent, while women with the lowest levels had an average of 3.4 percent.

Eight years after the women’s blood was tested, they underwent MRIs to measure the volume of gray matter and white matter in their brains.

The researchers found that women with the highest EPA and DHA blood levels at the study’s outset had brains that were about two cubic centimeters larger overall than women with the lowest levels.

In addition, the hippocampus, a brain region critical to forming and storing memories, was 2.7 percent larger in women who had fatty acid levels twice as high as the average.

Of 13 specific brain regions the researchers looked at, the hippocampus was the only one where they saw a significant difference.

The analysis adjusted for other factors that could influence the women’s brain size, including education, age, other health conditions, smoking and exercise.

The researchers didn’t measure cognitive function, only brain volume, so they cannot say whether the size differences they saw had any link with differences in memory or dementia risk.

The authors acknowledged other limitations in their report, including that they did not look at whether the women’s omega-3 consumption had changed over time.

It’s possible that some of the participants had changed their diets or started taking fish oil or other forms of omega-3 fatty acids, Pottala told Reuters Health in an email.

But in previous study, he and his colleagues showed red blood cell EPA and DHA levels and peoples’ dietary fish intakes generally don’t change over time.

“If some subjects in our MRI study began taking fish oil supplements, then the reported benefits would be underestimated,” Pottala said.

Pottala says higher blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids can be achieved by dietary changes, such as eating oily fish twice a week or taking fish oil supplements.

Since the study does not prove that blood levels of omega-3s are the cause of the brain-size differences observed, or that those differences have any effect on cognitive function, the researchers caution that more research is needed to know whether raising omega-3 levels would make any difference to brain health.

Originally published by Reuters.

Food And Habits That Are Weight Gainnig

Overweight and underweight are two different problems concerning food but the overweight is much more spotlighted, in order to keep away from obesity you should keep away from the following foods but if you suffer from underweight you can eat those foods without feeling any guilt.

Food that will hell you gain weight as:
Frying potatoes, whether french fries or the chips are one of the main reasons for the obesity over the world. Potato by itself is full of starch which causes fattening.

Red Meat and processed meats as salami, sausage and bacon are foods full of fats, calories and that leads to gaining weight.

Fast food in general are from the fastening factors as they are full of saturated fats high sugar percentage.

Fried food is a main source of fats as butter and oil are factors of weight gaining..

Sweet beverages, soda and energy drinks are fattening foods due to the high calories they produce to he body.

Sweets, simple sugar, biscuits, ice cream, cream, chocolate, cakes and other deserts are all foods that would give fatness.

Food containing white flour are more fattening that the food made from brown flour. The bread made from refined grains increases the blood sugar and the sugar turns to fats.

Habits that will cause fattening:
Sleeping less than 6 hours or more than 8 ours can cause a small gained weight.

Watching TV while eating or eating snacks while watching TV are major factors of weight gain.

alcohol except wine have ben proven as factors for weight gain.

Laser Hair Removal, Facts And Mistakes

Laser has been proven success in lots of fields including the hair removal. If you are intending to try this procedure you should stop waxing, plucking and exposing to sun for six weeks. There has been a lot of rumors about the hair removal laser, such as:

The great blunder that Laser hair removal are cancerous. This is completely wrong as the laser has been used in hair removal since 1990 and has been under experiments for other 20 years before that date and not even one case of cancer has been registered.

Everybody should wear special glasses, that is true. During any use of the laser not only the hair removal laser, a special glass shall be worn, as the laser is a beam of light that can affect the eyes.

The result after the laser hair removal is not assured as it depends on the settings of the laser beams, either is it long or short wavelength, and other settings in the device of the laser. You can get the best results if you checked that the person doing the process has a lot of experience in that field.

Any hair can be removed by the laser, that is wrong. The laser can be very effective on the black or brown hair but it does not affect the white hair.

The hair grows back again after a session of the laser, that is wrong. The single hair that is exposed to the laser does not grow again, but the laser effects the hair that are in specified stage, so you need to get 4 to 6 sessions of laser to be assured that you covered all stages of hair.

The hair follicle might get red or swell, that is true but that can be cured by the physicians.

A pregnant woman should not take that procedure, that is wrong as the laser effects only he surface of the skin.

Facts and Signs Of Diabetes

There are two types of Diabetes

Type 1 diabetic is the diabetic that appears when the immunity system considers the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin as an enemy of the body and starts fighting them. Type 2 diabetic is the diabetic that show on the people who are not able to produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes is the most common as 90 percent of the diabetic people carry type 2 diabetic.

Common Symptoms

There are common symptoms between the two types of diabetics such as:
Fatigue, because of the decrease of the glucose percentage in the blood, the diabetic person feels fatigue after eating.
Weight loss, the high percentage of glucose in the blood leads to the loss weight of an average of 10 to 20 kilograms in two or three months.
Extreme thirst, the high percentages of sugar in the blood leads to the feeling of extreme thirst.
Frequent urination, the kidneys works with maximum efforts in order to get rid of the excessive glucose so the patient suffers from frequent urination.
Blurring of the eyesight, a change in the shape of the eye lens happens due to the high sugar level in the blood.
Itchy or dry skin due to the poor blood circulation.
Tingling in the hands and feet, burning pains or swelling due to the damage that happens to the nerves from the high blood sugar.
Slow healing of infections, bruises and cuts. The diabetes persons are also exposed to bacteria and fungal infections, especially women are exposed to vaginal candida infections.
Feeling hungry all the time, when a body suffers from a drop of the percentage of the glucose in the blood the body feels it needs more food.

Other Symptoms

There are also two other symptoms that accompany type 2 diabetic which are slow-healing infections and erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of type 2 diabetic can vary according to the value of blood sugar, the age and other factors. The treatment can be Insulin injection or Insulin pump.

Does Exercise Help With Diabetes?

Definitely, Exercise helps to manage and improve diabetes, like stress, weight management, lessen the impact of unhealthy nutritional habits, mental health improvement, and much more…To read and find out about further details in relation to how exercise helps with diabetes, Click here.

Signs For Stroke

StrokeHippocrates the most famous Greek physician (460 BC – 370 BC) was the first to discover the stroke and he gave it the Greek name “Apoplexy” which means struck down with violence which was later stroke.

There are three types of stokes, the first type and the most common is the ischemic stroke is loosing a part of the brain functions due to the lack of oxygen supply reaching the brain because of a blockage. Stroke can cause death or neurological damage. Stroke can happen due to several factors as high blood pressure, old age, heart problems, diabetic, high cholesterol and smoking.

The second type is hemorrhagic stroke which happens due to the tearing of a blood vessel in the brain. The third type is transient ischemic attack which is not severe as the two other types as it does not leave a brain damage as the other types but it shall be considered a sign for one of the two types of strokes. Transient ischemic attack happens due to a temporary blockage.

The person that is suffering from a stroke needs to be helped at once as every minute counts. There are three signs that any person can notice which are evidences that the stroke person is having a stroke. Those signs are one side of the face is droopy when smiling, the second sign is that the patient cannot raise both arms in the same level and the third sign is that the patient will not be able to repeat phrases and their speeches will appear strange.

There are warning symptoms that the patients suffering from stroke can feel by themselves, those symptoms are:

  • Feeling Dizzy.
  • Suffering from headaches without other known reasons.
  • Having problems with the coordination, balance and walking.
  • Paralysis or numbness in the face, arm, leg or all of them on one side.
  • Having problems in speaking.
  • Having troubles in seeing by one or the two eyes.
  • Having problems in understanding others.

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The person suffering Anemia suffers from a lack of red blood cells or the decrease of the supposed percentage of the hemoglobin, and that leads to the decrease of the amounts of oxygen that reaches the cells.

The lack of hemoglobin (iron) is not the only type of Anemia but it is the most common the other types are the lack of B12 or lack of folate. There are other types of anemia that accompany some chronic diseases, there are also other sorts of anemia as Hemolytic anemia, Idiopathic aplastic anemia, Megaloblastic anemia, Pernicious anemia, Sickle cell anemia and Thalassemia.

There are some common reasons that can cause anemia as injuries caused by accidents, hemorrhoids, gastritis (ulcers), surgeries, the wrongly repeated blood donation, childbirth and menstruation in case of women that have very heavy periods.

There are several symptoms that would accompany anemia as headache, fatigue, feeling discomfort and loosing concentration, sometimes people suffering from anemia have problems in breathing. In case of patients that suffers from heart problems if they also suffers from severe anemia, those patients are exposed to palpitations, angina or heart failure. During diagnosing the doctors can get sure of the presence of anemia if they found that the patient suffers from low heart pressure, pale skin, a heart murmur or a rapid heart rate. In case of Sickle cell anemia there are other symptoms as yellowing of the eyes and skin, delayed growth and puberty and pains in the joints.

But the doctors gets sure of the presence of anemia by ordering some blood tests as:
Blood levels of iron
Blod levels of vitamin B12
Blood levels of folic acid
Blood levels of other vitamins and minerals
Red blood count
Hemoglobin level
Reticulocyte count
And in the case of Sickle cell anemia there are other tests that should be done as bilirubin, blood oxygen saturation, CBC, hemoglobin electrophoresis, Sickle cell test, serum creatinine and potassium

Treating anemia differ by the difference of the type of anemia, as the lack of iron, b12 or the foilc acid can be treated by nutritional supplements. In severe cases a blood transfussion can help in the treatment. In other cases of anemia other solutions are available as Corticosteroids or Erythropoietin. In case of Thalassemia the most possible treatment is a bone marrow transplant. In case of Sickle cell anemia the treatments may be bone marrow or stem transplants.

Food That Burns Fats Of Your Body

Food That Kill Fats

Eating certain foods can help the body getting rid of fats, along with exercising as the foods by themselves are usually not enough.

Avocados are very helpful in burning belly fat as one avocado can help in reducing about 14 grams of monounsaturated fat.

Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and kale are very useful in loosing fats especially belly fats as they contain phytonutrients, which are fighters of estrogen in the stomach which help in the fighting the belly fats. Eating the previous veggies can help in reducing belly fats even without doing exercises.

Whole grain bread, brown rice, and whole grains need more calories to be burned in order to be digested than the other alternative foods.

Chili Peppers as they have an effective components which is capsaicin that is very helpful in burning fats.

Omelets, egg yolks as it has the protein that the body needs without the fats that are available in other proteins food.

Citrus fruit as Oranges, lemons or mandarins are helpful in reducing weight as they are full of vitamin C which is an auxiliary factor in burning fats.

Beans and lentils can help in reducing toxins and give the amount needed of the vitamins and iron especially lentils.

Bananas, berries especially the blue berries are full of nutrients and antioxidants.

Chicken, turkey, salmon or any other lean protein contains only good fats and has no harmful fats, but do not fry it as the frying adds the unnecessary fats.

Green Tea is one drink that can be very useful in burning fats because it is full of the antioxidants.

Garlic and onions contain minerals which help in break down fat.

Yogurt has very low fats and can be used as a snack, or a full meal if you added fruits.

Beef coming from grass-fed animals not the grains fed animals as the first have less Omega-3 fats than the second while the first animals have more vitamins and minerals than the second type which help in building muscles.

Drink water instead of sports drinks, soda drinks and Juices.

Olive oil and coconut oil have much less fats than the other oils.

Apples are full of pectin which can lessen the percentage of fats that the body cells can absorb.

Cinnamon is a spice that can be added to a lot of foods especially sweets, as it has very important role in metabolizing sugar.

Pine Nuts contain healthy fats and an amino acid called ghrelin which gives the brain false alarms of satiation.

Almonds, peanuts, walnuts and other seeds are very helpful as a snack as it give the feeling of satiation and in the same time it is full of healthy fats and minerals and help in burning fats.

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