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IRVINE, Calif., April 28, 2022 – Four professors from the University of California, Irvine have been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Hundreds of leading research institutions provide the latest research news 24 hours a day. Newswise, a science news source that provides journalists with the latest research news, researchers who wish to comment on the latest science and multimedia news. Latest Research News As a professional journalist, you can sign up to Newswise for free to access the latest embargo news, contact information, and subscribe to the Science News mailing list.

You can receive personalized daily Wire news with the research type of your choice and expert news at your convenience. Monitor their manuscript, including inviting reviewers and receiving reports. Feature articles are sent by individual invitation or recommendation of scientific editors and are reviewed before publication. The feature articles represent cutting-edge research with significant impact potential in this area.

Applied science refers to the discipline of applying existing scientific knowledge to develop practical applications, including applied mathematics and pure mathematics. Two biology graduate students share tips on how to encourage students to stick with STEM in challenging situations. The funding will support graduate research that is preparing the next generation of computer scientists and engineers needed to achieve scientific breakthroughs. Exdez/Digital Vision Vectors via Getty Images March 24, 2022 New data-sharing requirements from NIH and NIH represent a big step toward more open science and potentially higher-quality research starting in 2023, all research All funded by NIH. Proposals will need to include data exchange and management plans.

The Lancet Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Oncology Committee highlights the need for increased patient awareness and access to affordable and effective cancer imaging worldwide. NASA researchers seek ways to reduce heat in cities A team of NASA climate scientists is exploring whether “green roofs” could help mitigate deadly heat in vulnerable urban areas. A space policy expert explains how the International Space Station works and how Russian aggression threatens its past and present operations.

Hubble Spots Stunning Spiral This image taken by NASA/ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3 shows an unusual view of the spiral galaxy NGC 4571. accelerating the expansion of the universes.

The researchers showed that Alfvén waves accelerate electrons under conditions consistent with the Earth’s magnetosphere. In a study by scientists, the team showed that the Small Generator can power an LED lamp in real time when worn on a bracelet. The scientists say the discovery opens up a whole new avenue for neuroscience research that could one day lead to treatments for diseases ranging from epilepsy to Alzheimer’s to traumatic brain injury.

New Law of Physics Helps Humans and Robots Understand Touch Friction While robotic devices are used in everything from assembly lines to medicine, it’s hard for engineers to account for the friction that occurs when these robots pick up objects, especially in humid environments. At a time when scientific information is increasingly in the public eye, most Americans say they receive scientific news no more than a couple of times a month, and when they do, they say it’s just in case, not intentionally, according to the new research. Pew Research Center study. Despite large political differences in views related to climate change, energy and research funding, and over-reliance on government news and politics in general, there are few differences between political party groups in how people consume science news.

Active consumers of science news were more likely than other Americans to have visited parks, museums, or other informal places to study science in the past year, had science-related hobbies, and participated in community science activities such as collecting sample data or making observations in research project. The survey asked a range of questions, from how citizens view science news and evaluate what and who to rely on, to other ways people interact with scientific information in everyday life, including participation in citizen research projects, hobbies and consumer entertainment science based programs. , medicine or technology.

Vaccine researchers around the world have abandoned what they were doing to join the collective race against the new virus. Cavan Images/Cavan via Getty Images December 17, 2021 Lack of supplies, public services and other risky activities during a pandemic – 4 researchers share their experiences supply chain challenges, emergency science, social distancing requirements and more. challenges and opportunities for researchers.

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