Signs Of Alzheimer

Alzheimer is one of the brain disorders that can attack people over 55 years old but sometimes it can attack younger ages. The Alzheimer symptoms are hard to detect, here are the symptoms that the person who suffers of some of them should check the doctors immediately because it is more controllable if the Alzheimer is diagnosed in the early stages. There are three degrees of Alzheimer mild, moderate and severe each of them has several symptoms.

The symptoms of mild degree of Alzheimer (early signs) are:

  • Difficulty in handling bills
  • Not to be able to take right decissions and solve problems
  • Take more time than normal to finish a usual task
  • The increase of anxiety, restlessness, fear, confusion, aggression, wandering, paranoia or trouble sleeping
  • Forgetting the location of usual places and misplacing objects and can accuse relatives of stealing the missing objects
  • Memory loss
  • A change in the mood, social activities, personality and losing motivation
  • Loosing track of the time as not knowing the dates and the seasons like wearing clothes not proper for the season

The symptoms of moderate degree of Alzheimer are:

  • Having problems with reading, writing, determining colors, simple calculations or arranging thoughts
  • Losing attention for short spans that would increaseivation
  • Having problems in motor skills as using forks and knives, getting out of a chair, buttoning and unbuttoning
  • Making unusual activities as opening drawers, cupboards with no reason
  • Increase of memory loss
  • Difficulty with recognizing the relatives and friends
  • Difficulty of finding the right words
  • Repeating moves and words frequently
  • Loosing track of hygiene as stop cleaning their teeth or brushing hair
  • Forgetting to eat or drink; Or forgetting that they have just eaten
  • Making inappropriate acts as shoplifting or making childlike behaviours

The symptoms of severe degree of Alzheimer are:

  • Sleeping for very long periods
  • Losing the control on the bladder
  • Weight loss
  • Skin infections
  • Having difficulty in swallowing

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