Spray-on Antenna For Cell Phones

ChamTech Operations has announced that they reached a new Spray-on antenna for the cell phones, the spray can change any surface to an antenna once sprayed. The idea of the spray lies on the nano-capacitors which synchronize with the signals which lead to the increasing of the power of the antenna.

The spray was developed by a company called Chamtech, which claims it will coat any surface you spray with it with thousands of “nano capacitors” that charge and discharge

in sync with the signal to improve antenna efficiency. Company CTO Rhett Spencer claims that the spray can turn any surface including buildings and trees into efficient antennas, and even that it can replace unsightly cellphone towers.
The video is their pretty dry presentation from the Google event, and it shows some the tests they did to determine the spray’s efficacy. If it really does work like they claim, these guys are going to be zillionaires.

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