The Arab World’s Dying Inventions In Morocco

24 Years Old Moroccan Inventor Created 25 Inventions!

Although his age did not exceed the 24-years-old, the Moroccan Abdallah Mohamed Chakroun Mazdad invented 25 different inventions, varied between private mechanics of vehicles, military inventions, medical inventions. And although all of his inventions won the admiration of specialists, but no one really appreciates nor embraces his talent and his inventions, which received by the many awards in domestic and international forums.

He Studied different kinds of Motor Vehicles Engines in-depth study, Aircraft’s Engines and Ships Engines studies.

The result of this effort was the birth of his invention of the Engine Rotor Recycled Box in May 2002; In the second year to that event, his professor of education assigned him to give classes to teach his colleagues.

On December 9, 2004 he submitted a request to obtain patent for his invention and he obtained it on March 2005. This young man was filed as the youngest inventor of the present invention on the technology scale-the engine rotor recycled box.

Then, he conducted an international search around the city of The Hague – Netherlands and the response was positive, “there is no similar invention to that young man’s invention”.

The surprise to this young man took place, when he found that most of those results attached response originated from the U.S.A. After that, the young inventor showed the invention to his professors and specialists in the field of technology in Morocco & Abroad; And they were very impressed.

But after it was presented to the Minister of Industry in Morocco, he was told that “Morocco is still very far from the level of this invention”.

The young inventor felt that he was turning around in a closed circuit, so he tended to think of inventing something simpler…

He then actually succeeded in inventing an Automatic device for cleaning buildings glass without any human efforts needed in that regard and it is also valid and applicable for cars and buses with 100% cleaning glasses operation. The young man then, participated in the Innovators Contest conducted in Morocco and he received the golden medal of the technical and artistic, but they again told him, it does not work in Morocco for the lack of glass buildings in there.!

The cruel and frustrated responses received by the young inventor Abdullah Chakroun made him entirely change the scope of his inventions and he decided to change his directions to go for the Military Field.

In that military field, he succeeded in inventing some of the Sophisticated Technology Weapons and the result of this, was an offer made by the Director of the International kharazmi Academy in Tehran, to join a free of charge study in the International kharazmi Academy in Tehran.

But Dr. Zaghloul El Naggar advised the young man that is preferably to try to communicate with the Egyptian armed forces. “ Till this minute, the number of inventions of this young man have reached more than 25 inventions, mostly in military area and currently he is in the process of inventing a machine to 100% clean the internal examination device of the digestive tract in less than 10 minutes. “

Frustrations do kill human beings, just like mass destructive weapons do. But that young man is a real warrior and we decided to publish this article to support him in becoming one of the greatest world’s inventors, one day in the very near future.

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  1. لم أسمع عنه إلا اليوم وعندي يقين بأنه مقتول لكن لماذا قبحهم الله شاهدت حتى الآن مجموعة من مداخلاته في اليوتيوب ولم أجد فيه إلا ملامح إنسان واعٍ جداً وعالم فذ كيف نخسر إنسان بحجمه ولماذا؟

    • عزيزي حاتم

      شكرا لتعليقك الجميل ونتمني جميعا لكل العرب ان يبهروا العالم بعقول جبارة في مجال الإختراعات والعلم الحديث وأن نرى الأمة العربية في يوم قريب صرح للعلم والتكنولوجيا الحديثة


    • توفي المخترع المغربي الشاب عبد الله بن شقرون المغربي و العربي و المسلم الوحيد المعترف به

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