The Most Amazing Lifts in the World

Passenger lifts are for most of us an everyday occurrence which we do not think twice about. But when you really think about it, how difficult would it be for us to continue our lives without having the use of a lift ever again? It would be rather difficult and annoying! There are some amazing designs of lifts in the world which include:


The AquaDom in Berlin, Germany-Fishtank view in Radisson Hotel tourism destinations

The AquaDom is located in Berlin, Germany. It is a 25 metre tall cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium, and has a transparent lift built within it. The lift travels through tropical fish filled waters all within inches from you. This has to be one of the most amazingly invented and built lift in the world.

The Gateway Arch


The gateway arch is the tallest accessible building in Missouri, and the tallest man made building in the United States! (So this on its own has to be something!!) The gateway arch is one of the most visited attractions in the world and it can transport up to 80 people at a time in the futuristically modern pods.

Lloyd’s Building


Located in London, England, the Lloyds building isn’t quite known for being the fastest or tallest lifts going. However they are known for the exquisite views it holds. You will be able see the River Thames, St Paul’s spire, the well-known Gherkin building. So you are able to see many of the popular sites of London on a quick trip! However, this lift is rather exclusive making it even more exciting if you do get the opportunity to travel in one of these crystal pods!

Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel is rather an unusual style of lift, this is simply due to the fact it is boarding a lift in a boat! The Falkirk wheel is a lift for boats, so this is a one opportunity for you to ride something rather spectacular!

Bailong Elevator


Well, the Bailong elevator has to be one of the most fascinating elevators in the world! Purely because it is a lift on the side of a cliff! And it is also 1,070 feet high! It is located in China, and is known to be one of the highest outdoor elevators in the world!

Sky Tower


The Sky Tower is located in Auckland, New Zealand, and it has to be one of the most beautiful designs going! You can view the landscape of Auckland in less than a minute in a magical ride, in a glass surrounded lift! What more could you want! Oh yes it has more…it also has a revolving restaurant! This has to be architecture at its best!

Long Island City Business Centre

Long-Island-City-Business-Centre-liftUnlike the other types of lifts, the fascination of this lift has to be the interior design! This may sound rather boring after hearing the thrills of the 1,000 feet high lifts we have already discussed, but this is one lift you must see! The design is of a grinning dragon with 3D beasts coming from the eye sockets! This is surely a one of a kind lift!

Hammetschwand Elevator


This lift is 501 feet high! That says a lot on its own about the lift! Located in Switzerland, it currently holds the number one position as Europe’s highest exterior lift! You have the opportunity on the Hammetschwand to have a bird’s eye view of some of the most amazing tourist attractions such as the Alps and Lucerne’s waters!

Taipei 101


Whether you can class the Taipei 101 as a lift or a thrilling ride, I do not know! But the Taipei soars through the building at an amazing forty miles an hour! It can reach the 89th floor in just 37 seconds!



The Skyview is a lift which is built on the side of a pretty amazing building (The Ericsson Globe.) The lift is 100 metres high and runs along a track on the side of the building, where you go both up and down the side of building!

These are some of the most amazing lifts in the world! So next time you step in a lift, just think of the pretty cool mechanics what go into it!


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