The new Computer Mouse, we can’t see

You don’t have to use a mouse,  just pretend that you are using a mouse and what you request of your computer will achieve! Yes, that  can happen  after the invisible mouth appeared.

The first computer mouse held by Engelbart sho...

I am sure that Douglas Engelbart didn’t think of that when he first invented the computer mouse, back there in 1964, it was kind of  primitive, but it make a revolution in the world of computers.

Then came the one button mouth  which was connected with wires to the computer. And came along the two buttons mouse which came with thousands of shapes.  Then came  the cordless  mouse  which is more comfortable than the cord mouse.

Finally researches found out a way to use a mouse without the device itself  by cupping your palm, move it around on a table and a cursor on the screen hovers. Tap on the table like you would click a real mouse, and the computer responds. It’s one step beyond cordless. It’s an invisible mouse.
The project, called “Mouseless,” uses an infrared laser beam and camera to track the movements of the palm and fingers and translate them into computer commands.

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