The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense, is an instinctive sense of  involuntary far from the logic can be coupled with knowledge of the unknown and predict the future, and some people own with varying degrees …And talent is the foundation of The Sixth Sense; It is the basic foundation; And then comes the role of development, practicing and ongoing efforts.

The Sixth Sense in humans, is to feel the fact of something without any revealed reasons for having this feeling. Which means that we know the reality of things by conscience and by the sense of internal and spiritual.

There are five features of the sixth sense:

Mind reading
Knowledge of the incidents that occur in places as far Ability to predict the near future
The ability to evoke the past
The ability to move objects without touching them.
The Debate on the concept of The Sixth Sense and presence, although it defies scientific laws since the year 1932 and so many arguments took place about the Sixth Sense, but still we can not deny the fact that it does exist.

Anyone of you guys has  a sixth sense?.

Let’s go for  a Test here / Answer yes or no

1.Have you ever canceled a project or a decision because you felt something fuzzy towards it?
2.Do you wake up from your sleep by the alarm time?
3.Do you have all your dreams realized and became true all the time?
4.Have you met any body one day and got that feeling that you have seen the person before?
5.Do you see dead people in your dreams?
6.Do you take a long time to take your decisions?
7.Is bad luck a good friend of yours?
8.Do you consider yourself a lucky person?
9.Do you believe in love at first sight?
10.When asked by one of your friends to guess a number, do you say the correct figure?
11.Does coincidence play any real role in your life?
12.Do you take your decisions without a specific reason?
13.Can you tell what kind of a gift is there in an unopened box?
14.Can you feel anything bad before it happens?
15.Can you tell when meeting someone, whether he/she is your right partner and soul mate?

Ok.,  now we are done with the questions and here is the result of the above mentioned test:

If most of your answers were “NO”, then here is the analysis:

-You are not one of those people who has the sixth sense considerably.
-However, your answers indicate that you trust your intuition And you always find yourself refusing to accept advices from loyal friends without giving a good reason.

-Be careful not to let your instincts control your actions.

-The Man is the only creature who has the capability to curb his instinct.
-Try to listen to your deep internal voice because it is the intuition that tells you about things that might happen to you and bring you something of happiness.

If most of your answers were yes, then the analysis is:

You have this great deal of intuition and expectations charismatic in relation to what will happen because your Sixth Sense always tells you about events or things before they really do happen.

-Your intuition is always staying calm, to listen to the deep internal voice inside you.
-The deep internal voice inside you tells you about your sense of internal things to avoid the bad things that may occur in your life.
-Your mind and your heart Talk to you like your tongue and you listen carefully to what they are saying.

Despite the fact that Science did not approve the existence of the Sixth Sense; I, in my own personal opinion believe that it does exist.
When it comes to an issue like that you just Consult your heart & mind and see what you’ll come up with.

Meantime, if there is any body out there who has a story to share it with us which concerns that issue?

Please be my guest, it would be interesting to read it and if it’s gonna be the kind of story that you don’t turn your back to, we promise to publish it and share it with all of you guys.

I’ll be back…

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