The Sun, The Secret of Future Life

The sun – as it always has been – is the secret of life on Earth and it is also the hope for the future, as the scientists are trying all over the world to invent devices that use the solar energy to save the other sources of energy and keep the environment clean.

Air Conditioner that uses Solar Energy

The South Korean company LG Electronics stated that it looks forward to create the world’s first solar hybrid air conditioner, by making use of solar cell module mounted to the top of the air conditioning unit located outdoors.The air conditioner will be able to generate up to 70W of power/hour. The air conditioner will also cut the carbon dioxide in the air.

ARKKI – Eco-Friendly Vessel that works by Solar Energy

The vessel includes a big open space with its surface similar to that of an indoor basketball court. The whole surface of it is covered with multilayer photovoltaic cells, which generate enough solar energy to power the vessel.

It boasts a concrete hull covered with plastic fibers, which make the vessel more stable and quite rigid to be able to resist the harsh conditions of the weather during winter. The other parts of the vessel are from natural fiber composite materials.

High Speed Solar Airship – Eco-Friendly Concept Designed to Transport Heavy Load

This airship was designed to carry heavy cargo to any destination without polluting the air. Dubbed High Speed Solar Airship (HSSA), the concept is to be made from off-the-shelf components. It is expected to provide high-speed and cost-competitive transportation of cargo. Featuring solar panels mounted onboard, the aircraft is able to produce up to 67.2KW of power. When combined with the Jet Stream, the solar technology allows the HSSA to reach a top speed of 182mph, and at night the aircraft is able to gain a top speed of 165mph.It can fly at an altitude of 30,000 feet, so it will be able to transport cargo in any weather.

Shams 1- World’s Biggest Solar Power Plant to Be Built in UAE

UAE recently announced about its plans to construct the biggest solar plant on the planet. The 100 MW plant is called Shams 1 and it will be located 120 kilometers southwest of Abu Dhabi.

It would be interesting to note that the name of the project Shams 1 comes from the Arabic word which means sun. The UAE plant will features a solar field composed of 768 parabolic trough collectors that were supplied by Abengoa Solar, informs Inhabitat. It will also include a backup natural gas boiler that will offer energy at night or on cloudy days.
The Shams 1 is a step towards the goal of UAE to have 7 percent of electricity produced using eco-friendly methods by 2020. It will emit 175,000 tons of greenhouse gas each year.

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