To Whom It May Concerns; A New Birth Certificate For The Son Of the Nile

Mr. Mohammed Abd Elgawad Ammar, Egyptian who was born in Aswan, Arab Republic of Egypt. Got his Bachelors Degree in 1988, in Architecture Engineering from Assiut Governorate in Egypt.

The idea of his first invention came up due to his concerns about the recent water problem between Egypt and the Nile Basin Countries. The guy was concerned since then to come up with a plan “B”, instead of wasting his time thinking about the legal solutions. And Because he has the brain of an inventor he was concentrating on finding a plan “B” solution and the only road to that was the scientific research.

And the guy managed to invent a Desalination water (Remove Salt). And according to the documents which he provided to us, he made his invention based on a simple, easy and very economical way which cost very little comparing to the Nile Water Treatment by Desalination water, which is according to him by the use of  Solar Heat in making Sand Boilers (Water Desalination Plant with Air Sandy Boilers).

Another concern was occupying his brain, which is the Air pollution. And that concern of his, made him come up with another invention which is a Car Filter Exhaust.

Mr. Mohammed Presented his two inventions to the Egyptian Concerned Authority which is the Egyptian Academy for Scientific Research on the 26 of  March 2008 to get  Patent for his two inventions.

But unfortunately, he had been told to come back after one year to check and follow up the status of his two inventions in addition to some fees payment in order to renew his official application for the Patent of his both inventions. And that was it!.

And without any further details in relation to what have been said to that man by whoever, our main issue here is not to criticize or highlight this negative conduct. But the main issue here, is to help that man to get a new birth certificate for his inventions.

But it is important also to mention here that when Mr. Mohammed was in high school, he invented a type writer machine working with vibrations sounds in 1981 again to the Egyptian Academy for Scientific research but again he had never received a response. But, after trying different channels, he got the attention of one of the Egyptian Journalists  Mr. saiid halawii (in Alahram Newspaper, in Egypt) and the newspaper had chosen Mr. Mohammed’s invention’s idea as a Distinctive one and he was invited for an Interview by  the Egyptian Radio Youth and Sports Broadcasting, hosted by Mrs. Wafaa Shaarawee.

Of course that was a good news for him and another hope, so he went back to the Egyptian Academy to get some follow-up on his inventions, but they told him that, the file was not available or was not reachable in there records.

Then according to Mr. Mohammed, after 5 years from the vanishing of his file at the Academy, he found a  researcher in Japan who was addressing the same ideas of his…! and we do not have any comments here…

Mr. Mohammed added that  another  subject of one his other  inventions, came from the subject he posted in the Newspaper Al-Ahram March 16, 2008 which addressed global warming. A new theory of an act compresses the Earth may be more realistic than theories which have been advanced in the United States, Germany and Britain to send mirrors reflecting into space and the bombing of volcanic and manufacturing of drag in the oceans that cost trillions of dollars yet there have been in high demand. Mr. Mohammed provided us with that article published in the newspaper:

Features of his different  inventions:

1 – Easy Application

2 – The cost may be less than other ideas.
3 – Can be shared by  the private sector alongside with the governments to adopt the idea as an economic return of a very big success, which rapidly helps and it is the most important features.
4 – Rise to the idea of new dimensions in resolving future conflicts over water in the world as well as drought and desertification, causing famine, poverty and diseases resulting from environmental pollution.
5 – Can be used in the form of small mobile stations in disasters and wars.
6 – Establishment of civilized societies, especially in Africa is based on agriculture, fishing, and trade as a result of its proximity to sea and easier access to the outside world.
7 – A substantial increase in livestock of all kinds.
8 – One of the main features of increasing the green areas of the world, which reduces environmental pollution and help nature to recover its remedy to the problem of global warming, a new theory will be worked on and called (compresses)

The most important achievements and works of Mr. Mohammed:
1 – Research that he  published in the newspaper Okaz for urban planning and earthquake after the earthquake in Cairo, 1992 (he provided us with a copy from the newspaper article). His research addressed the relation between the constructions plan design of cities and Earthquakes. Also his research addressed the ideal way about new cities construction in order to avoid buildings collapse and the reduce of the loss which may results from earthquakes.

The amazing thing is that man has warned the Egyptian Concerned Authorities about the Destructive Earthquake which took place in Egypt on Dark October 1992, and they made fun of him. But Saudi Arabia did n’t, as he works currently in Saudi Arabia as  A Project Director of the redevelopment of the hospital campus of the University of Umm Al Qura.


2 -The Interview which was held in the Egyptian television channel  2 in life Program, submitted by Ahmed Mokhtar and directed by Mrs. Naguiba kotb in  April 1993
3 – published a new theory to address global warming in Al Ahram newspaper March 16, 2008 – Journalist Ahmad Mahdi Environment Page.

Finally, even though the guy’s inventions had never came out to the light and despite all the frustrations which he had to face, the man mentioned to us that he is not looking for fame or to appear in interviews on television, all he is looking and hoping for is to contribute in solving the problems of his country Egypt and he is only going to realize that the minute he finds someone or something  to adopt this many different projects and inventions.

It is also fair to mention that Mr. Mohammed is willing and ready to bear the expenses of  his inventions ideas work tests which according to him is not at all expensive but all he needs is the right place  to be able to do the work tests and someone to help him get his inventions out to the light.

Mr. Mohammed is ready to provide all the necessary documents which prove every word he said and also which prove his inventions patents that preserve his inventions legal rights.

Well, our dear readers that man is just one of several men with similar stories,  just waiting for a chance to get their inventions to the world, to the light and all they need is someone who cares…

We do care Mr. Mohammed.

mohamed ammar <[email protected]>

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