Toothbrush Or No Toothbrush?

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The Orabrush that fights bad breath

Do you  have some problems with bad breath although you use your toothbrush two or times daily? The next few lines might solve your problem  because most of the bad breath cases doesn’t come from the teeth but from the bacteria that live on  the tongue  in places that are hard to reach. So the Orabrush will solve you problem, it is a toothbrush designed especially for the tongue, because of its soft pointed and flexible bristles it reaches all the

places on your tongue to fight the bad bacteria, so you can enjoy the clean and fresh breath.

Once Per Day Misoka Toothbrush

If you  sometimes get bored of brushing your teeth two or three times daily, so this toothbrush may be just what you need, the DailyMisoka toothbrush. The DailyMisoka toothbrush is produced by a Japanese company Yumeshokunin. This toothbrush that you only has to use once a day and it will be sufficient for the day, and as effective as usual twice a day routine. A big “how come?” may occur now, the answer comes in the secert of the toothbrush, the tips of the Misoka toothbrush bristles are coated with a specially developed nanomineral coating. The coating makes the surface of your teeth hydrophilic after brushing, which don’t allow the bacteria and other materials to stick to your teeth.

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Or don’t use a toothbrush

Instead of using the toothbrush you can just use “Miswak”, it is a stick  made of Salvadora persica tree that cleans teeth even better than a toothbrush. you just can put it in your mouth for some time and then you need to bite off the top of the stick, which after biting will turn to natural bristles that will work similar to the toothbrush. People in the east use the miswak frequently and it really cleans the teeth and get rid of the bad breath at the same time.

Leen Sadder, a design student at The School of Visual Artsdecided to give the traditional Miswak stick a new modern look. Her toothbrush, called THIS, for example, instead of being forced to bite off the top, Sadder created a cigar cutter-like cap to do the miswak.

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