Top 10 superfoods for guaranteed weight loss

Are you sick of doing strenuous workouts, restrictive diets and other largely ineffective weight loss tactics? What if you could eat in order to lose weight? It’s entirely possible! There are many foods out there that possess more than just important nutrients. They also feature qualities that make them perfect for burning away stubborn body fat. Here’s a closer look at some of the most powerful superfoods for losing weight. Many gastric bypass nj residents would agree that besides medical weight loss, eating these super foods can also help you lose tons of weight. Use them in your next meal to get started on your ideal figure.


There’s nothing like a hot bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. This fiber-rich food fills you up, keeps you full longer and provides you with a steady supply of energy. This increases your metabolism and help you more efficiently burn fat.


Even though they’re rich in fat, avocados are a potent weight loss food. The fiber makes you feel satisfied for longer while the fat supplies energy and produces testosterone. Increased testosterone increases muscle mass and causes the body to burn more calories when it’s at rest, which means less work for you.


Eggs are full of protein, which prevents your body from consuming its own muscle. Because maintaining muscle mass is a key component to fat loss, it’s good to eat protein with every meal. In addition, studies have found eggs to possess a substance that reduces the number of calories you eat in a sitting.

Dark Chocolate

According to recent evidence, chocolate is no longer a junk food. The high cacao content in dark chocolate aids fat loss through its numerous antioxidants, nutrients and ability to relieve stress.


Salmon contains many beneficial fats, most notably omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are excellent for weight loss because they help stimulate metabolism, control appetite and curb impulsive eating.


Broccoli’s high fiber and water content means you’ll have less room for more calorically dense foods that can cause weight gain. It’s also good for reducing cholesterol levels and boosting testosterone.

Brown Rice

Try having a cup of brown rice with each meal. It’s not just rich in vitamins and minerals. It’s also rich in fiber. When all that fiber expands in your stomach, digestion takes longer and keeps you from becoming hungry again so soon. This results in an overall lower caloric intake.


Studies have shown that women who drink moderate amounts of wine each day weight less than women who don’t. Moderate drinking lowers stress, a common cause of fat gain. It also decreases blood sugar, preventing the insulin spikes that trigger fat storage.

Green Tea

The various polyphenols in green tea helps to increase physical endurance, allowing you to do more exercise with less effort. Furthermore, it boosts metabolism through thermogenesis, or an increase in body temperature.


Oranges are more than just a delicious fruit to snack on. They’re full of vitamin C and fiber, both of which have been found to increase your metabolic rate. Oranges, like many fruits, are also calorie-negative. This means that eating and digesting them burns more calories than you will receive from them.

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