Tornadoes is the fierce, severe, rotating column that links between the earth and the cumulonimbus cloud. The speed of the tornadoes might reach up till 110 miles per hour.

The tornadoes are formed when the warm and moist air is captured by the cold wind. They can also happen when the wind changes its speed or direction.

Tornadoes can happen through the whole year but it is much more recurrent in summer and spring. Most

of the tornadoes happen in the period between 3 and 9 in the evening.

There are three degrees of tornadoes, weak, strong and violent, luckily the percentage of the violent tornadoes is only 2% , while the weak tornadoes percentage reach about 70% and the other 28%  are considered strong tornadoes.

There are various colors of tornadoes as it start as a transparent or white, turns to grey then black because of the dirt and sand that the tornado carries along by time.

When a tornado form over a water plane it is called a Waterspout.

The weak tornado can last only for few minutes, while the strong tornado may last for 20 minutes and the violent tornado can last for more than an hour.

The Strong tornado can lift a house from its place and through few meters away destroyed completely, and leave the house next to it not even touched.

The sound of the tornado vary from one to another according to the objects that the tornado carry.

Some tornadoes can be accompanied by smaller tornadoes, while some can be accompanied by lightning.

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