Useful and Funny Inventions in 2011

A new FM Radio which is only used while you having a shower

Vivian Blick, MD at and the owner of Tango Group has developed a shower radio, so now you can enjoy singing while having your shower, the new device is of course waterproof.

The FM Radio is called H2O, it is fixed in the hose of the shower and does not require batteries, it’s a shower-powered radio. It can recharge itself from the water, the battery inside it can be recharged using a clean energy  source “hydroelectricity”.

The Anti-Fog Glasses

If you use glasses, you’ll be relieved  by this invention, you won’t have to wipe your glasses every now and then on the foggy days.  Researchers of Université Laval under the supervision of professor Gaétan Laroche  in Quebec City, have developed the very first permanent anti-fog coating.  The coating can be used on eyeglasses, windshields, goggles, camera lenses, and on any transparent glass or plastic surface.

The actual anti-fog coating itself is composed of polyvinyl alcohol, which is a hydrophilic compound that causes the individual droplets of condensation to disperse. Before it can go on to a surface, however, a base of four successive layers of silicon molecules are first applied via an atmospheric plasma process. These layers bond to one another, but also allow the alcohol to bond to them, ensuring the durability and hardness of the combined coating.
While there are already various anti-fogging substances on the market, some of which even do claim to be permanent, the Laval researchers state that these won’t stand up to repeated washings, and need to be periodically reapplied.

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