UV SteriShoe That Sterilize Your Shoes

Using UV light in a form of SteriShoe to overcome smelly, fungi and bacteria from shoes. This  could be the solution for the hateful smell and the awful  bacteria and fungi problems.

The new gadget could kill up to 99,9% of bacteria and fungi that can cause fungus, bad odor and other health problems. The device can finish sterilizing your shoes in about 45 minutes while it is in your cupboard. The ultraviolet gadget works better in dark.

When the gadget is compressed in the shoe, a compression sensor starts, allowing the gadget to start working.

The device also has another sensor that can ensure that the place where the devise is put, is dark enough to allow the gadget to work properly.

Sweat from feet can often cause shoes to become breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria that can then cause infections.

The use of UVC light for sterilization is nothing new, being commonly used in hospitals, public swimming pools and other water treatment systems. Using ultraviolet light is relatively safe, but it is not recommended to come in direct contact with the light.

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