A Simple Way To Lose Weight

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Easy tips to follow if you want to lose weight:

1- Exercises on a regular base are very important. like walking, cycling, stair climbing or swimming. You can simply and easily do all kinds of exercises at home. Watch fitness programs and read fitness books to get the right information about the right exercises which you can practice on, to match with your health condition and age.

2- Drink a lot of water before you eat , it makes you feel full and water does help in burning fat.

3- Eat more vegetables and grains than rice or macaroni or proteins. You can eat all kinds of food, don’t starve your self. Except for junk food, sweets and soft drinks (stay away from that kind of food and drinks).

4- Try to have that mix of carbohydrates, proteins in your food, just reduce your regular quantities.For instance, instead of eating a whole spaghetti plate, just have a small portion than the usual quantities which you used to eat.

5- Eat three meals everyday, do not skip a meal, especially breakfast. Try to have an early dinner and don’t go to sleep right after you eat dinner.

6- Read about the calories that your food contains. high calories more than your body really needs, means putting more extra weight.

7- Eat fruits and vegetables or yogurt as snacks, in case you feel hungry between meals. Not a lot of fruits though.

8- Stay away from  fast food, just eat healthy food.

9- Avoid the white bread, brown bread is a good alternative and healthier.

10- Don’t eat while you are standing on your feet, doing that will make you eat much more  than sitting while eating. When you eat while standing up, your brain will give a late signal for your body to stop eating, so you gonna eat more till your body gets the signal to stop eating.

11- Make sure to Eat slowly, because you benefit more of the food that is shewed well and you feel full after eating less amount than usual.

12- Have a salad during meals. Vegetables are important for health and particularly for weight loss. Vegetables are the source of fiber, antioxidants and other beneficial nutrition.

13- You can also eat four or five times a day, by decreasing the size of the meal instead of three big meals.

14-  Do not eat to relieve stress and don’t make eating as a habit.

15- Do not eat while watching television, because you don’t pay attention then to the quantities you eat.

Losing weight is a general health problem that the majority of people around the world suffer from. If your case is complicated and difficult to handle through reducing quantities of food and exercising, you can always consult a specialized nutrition Doctor and you will get the right prescription then. Have a healthy life and keep the good shape.

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