What are Dreams?

Dreams are the involuntary having images, sounds, ideas and feelings as well as other sensations during sleep.
Every single night we visit our personal dream world. Although most of us don’t recall dreams in the morning, we all have dreams every night.Within 5 minutes of waking, 50% of your dream is forgotten and in 10seconds, 90% is gone.
Our dreams are not full of strangers. Your mind does not invent those faces that you see in your dreams they are real faces that you have seen during your life but you can’t remember.
Every human being dreams (except in cases of extreme psychological disorder).
Most people dream in full color, but few people dream in black and white.
People have common themes in dreams, eg. a dead person, loosing a teeth, an alive person being dead, school, running slowly or being chased, falling from high places , flying, sexual experiences, arriving too late, failing an examination, or a car accident.
If you feel something, or your heard something in reality then your mind corporate this feeling or sound in your dream. This is called Dream Incorporation
Your body is virtually paralyzed during your sleep.
People who are born blind do not see any images, but have dreams involving their other senses of sound, smell, touch and emotion. But people who became blind after birth can see images in their dreams.
I hope you all have sweet dreams.

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