What Is A Waste Audit?

If your business uses waste collection and recycling services then you could benefit from a waste audit.

Recycling has become more and more popular over the last decade and for many businesses recycling is also a legal requirement. In addition most businesses need to follow government guidelines on the type and volume of waste that is produced and how that waste is dealt with.

These days most businesses recycle some proportion of their waste but this can often be an expensive and laborious task. Most businesses will need to outsource their waste collection and recycling which will mean an added expense on their business budget.

The best way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your business recycling is to carry out a waste audit. You can carry out a waste audit online to help you discover whether you are getting the most out of your business recycling and waste collection services.

For example did you know that most local councils are now offering discounts and special deals to businesses in order to encourage them to recycle more. These deals could include permission to use domestic recycling centres or grants towards improving recycling provisions.

In these cash strapped times most business owners would agree that saving money wherever they can is of the upmost importance. That’s why so many business owners are carrying out a waste audit to find out how they can save their pennies when it comes to recycling.

In addition to saving money on recycling a waste audit will also help business owners see how they can improve the cost and efficiency of their waste collection services too. For example companies may be paying over the odds for private contractors to collect their waste when the job could be being carried out by their local authority.

Not all businesses need to pay for private waste collection, dependent on the size of the company and the amount of money it makes, so it is definitely worth looking into whether or not your company is paying above the odds for services which it could get much cheaper or even free.

So remember, the next time you are thinking about how to save money and make your business run more efficiently at the same time then you need to carry out a waste audit to see how much you could save.

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