What Is Energy Management?

The term ‘energy management’ can be used in several different ways but most commonly it refers to the practice of reducing energy consumption in the public sector, businesses and homes.

The process of energy management involves monitoring and recording energy use and looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and conserve energy.

How Is Energy Management Carried Out?

Energy management is carried out in a number of different ways.

Firstly, energy consumption is recorded through the use of metres and the data is analysed.

Secondly, energy management companies work to find ways to conserve energy using the data they have collated. They also estimate how much energy could be saved by using different methods of energy conservation.

The next step is to make the changes that will help to conserve energy most efficiently, for example, by improving insulation or switching to more eco friendly lighting.

Lastly, energy management companies collate data once changes have been implemented and analyse this to determine the effectiveness of any energy saving measures which have been taken.

Do I Need Energy Management?

Many businesses and government organisations that are housed in large buildings have been using energy management techniques for many years. As people have become more aware of the need to protect the environment this has also filtered down into domestic household. Homeowners can now utilise lots of resources to help monitor their energy use and to reduce energy consumption.

Some of the most popular ways of improving energy consumption in households include improving insulation, conserving water, monitoring energy use more closely and installing energy generating devices.


Having adequate insulation makes a massive difference to the amount of energy a household uses. This is because houses which are not insulated well lose lots of energy in the form of escaping heat. Lofts and wall cavities should be well insulated and double or triple glazing should be installed.


Households can now install a water meter to more accurately monitor how much water they are using. Most local councils also provide free water saving devices for use in toilet cisterns, taps, shower heads etc which also help conserve water.


Many households are now using home energy monitors so they can a more careful record of how much energy they are using. A great deal of families find that keeping an energy monitor in their homes makes the whole family more aware of their energy consumption and makes them think more carefully about conserving energy.

Generating Energy

Many people are choosing to install energy generating devices in their homes such as solar panels to help reduce their energy costs and lessen the amount of fossil fuels they are using. Many councils will subsidize solar panel installation and if enough energy is created then the excess can be sold back to the grid.

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