Whats New in Apple iPhone 5s?

Update:  “The iPhone 5S will be coming in many stunning colors and they are eventually offering many new modification and they are believing that they (apple) can compare themselves with the android technology.”~ research analyst Brian White

With the successful release of iPhone 5 everyone is keenly waiting for the next apple venture. Either it will be a traditionally iPhone 5S, or the next iPad Mini 2 or most Discussed Apple TV.

As it is the Tradition of Apple to keep itself updated now a days it is believed that this year Apple is going to make this possible that world could see the faces of their aces , iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 along with the iPad releases.

Apple iPhone 5S Specs

Update: The iPhone 5S could come with much more coloring scheme as the same of that the Samsung Galaxy S3. “The next iPhone, which is coming with more coloring schemes and with many easy ways that one can easily modify its phone.” ~ Courtesy of Topeka Capital Research Analyst Brian.

Source: Business Insider:

Looking inside the tech side, the most discussed use of A6X chip which is used by the Apple for the new iPad and having a Superior Quality of a Retina Display. According to some resources Apple is coming and developing A7 chip which will be a part of the hardware of iPhone 6 and iPad 5..By some resources and the help of some leaked pics of the iPhone 5S, few new things for the hardware which could either NFC or a high powered battery for the boosted processor

Business Insider ”With a ”Super HD Screen” and marvelous coloring schemes it is belived that iPhone is coming into the market.” ~ Jeffries analyst Peter Misek

From another source of technology blog, it is believed that iPhone 5S is going to have a superb 128GB storage memory. On the other side iPhone 6 will only be powered by the 6th generation device

From the leaked pictures of some Unspecified type of iPhone, some experts are suggesting that this is the Prototype of iPhone 5S which is under observations and testing by the Apple’s manufactures. ~Nowhereelse.fr

With the leaked pictures there is still confusing carries that either it is the prototype of 5S or not, either Apple is coming with a variety of coloring schemes as that of  Samsung ‘s Galaxy S3.  Question still remains “either Apple is coming with new colors or will stick to black and white Scheme

Apple iPhone 5S release date

For the release date of iPhone 5S, it is expected to be in the coming summer, because the manufactures in the China are still kept in under test and for some examinations which will then Apple will put its phone into full production. ~DigiTimes report.

“The 6th Generation Phone, iPhone 6” is believed that it is going to be released in the same year of 2013 but a bit late in the same year.

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