Who Discovered Information About Blood?

Blood is the fluid that transfer the oxygen and the nutrient to the cells and take the waste away from the cells. Blood consists of four components, plasma, white blood cells, red blood cells and blood platelets.

The blood circulation is the travel of blood from the heart to all the parts of the body. The blood circulation consists of two circulations, the pulmonary circulation and the bronchial circulation. The pulmonary circulation was first discovered in the year 1242 by Ibn Al-Nafis (1213-1288) the Arabian physician. William Harvey (1578-1657) the English physician was the first to discover the whole blood circulation in the year 1616.

Blood plasma consists of some proteins, glucose, minerals, carbon dioxide that are dissolved in the main ingredient which is water. Plasma was first discovered by Charles Richard Drew (1904-1950) the American physician and surgeon in the year 1938.

Red blood cells consists of hemoglobin and iron protein. The red blood cells were discovered in the year 1658 by Jan Swammerdam (1637-1680) the Dutch biologist using the microscope.

White blood cells, are the first immune line that fights microbes. The white blood cells was discovered in the year 1843 by Gabriel Andral (1797-1876) the French pathologist.

Blood platelets, are the part of blood that is responsible for clotting. The platelets was discovered by Giulio Bizzozero (1846-1901) the Italian physician.

Blood can be classified by different varieties, the first classification is by the pH values. The blood is considered acidic if it was less than 7 or alkaline if it was more than 7 while the 7 is natural. The pH was first discovered in the year 1909 by Søren Peder Lauritz Sørensen (1868-1939) the Danish chemist.

Another way to classify the blood is through its type within ABO blood group. The ABO group was discovered in the year 1900 by Karl Landsteiner (1886-1943) the American biologist.

Rhesus factor or commonly known as Rh  factor which is defined to be one of the blood groups, it is is classified as Rh positive and Rh negative. Rh factor was discovered in the year 1937 by Philip Levine (1900-1987) the Russian American physician, along with  Karl Landsteiner and Alexander Wiener (1907-1976) the American researcher. The discovery of the Rh factor led to a safer blood transfusion.

Blood Pressure is the amount of the pressure that the blood make on the walls of the blood vessels. The range of the natural blood pressure is 80-120. Blood pressure was first discovered by the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians. But the blood pressure measuring was first discovered in the 1847 by Carl Ludwig (1816-1895) the German physician.

Anemia is considered a disorder of the blood, it was first discovered in the year 1904 by James Herrick (1861-1954) the American physician. He was the first to diagnose its symtomps.

Leukemia is the blood cancer, it was first discovered by Alfred Donné (1801-1878) the French bacteriologist and physician.

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