Who Discovered Silver?

Silver is a metal that has been valued long ago. Silver is a shinning grey metal. Silver is used as a part of coins, mirrors, jewelry, tableware, utensils, in medical uses and as electric conductors.

There are signs that proves that there was silver mines in Anatolia (Turkey now) about 4000 years B.C.

After more than 1000 years the Chaldeans found silver mines when they concord Babylon. They extracted silver from lead, as there was only silver-lead ore.

It was used only as jewelry till the Minoan (Crete now) and the Mycenaean (Greece), they started using the silver in making utensils and tableware.

About 700 years B. C. Silver has been used in coins in Lydia (Turkey now). It was an alloy of gold and silver.

By the year 500 B.C. the silver was a main part of the economic of the Greek and Romans. They also figured out that the silver is an antibiotic that can fight bacteria, so they used it to preserve their food and drinks.

Through the 15th, 16th, and 18th centuries, silver mines have been discovered in Peru, Bolivia and Mexico.

In the 19th century the silver was used as a treatment for burns and wounds. The sailors used the silver coins to preserve their water and wine through their journeys.

The World War II, caused a great use of silver, as there was a shortage of copper. Silver was used in air-crafts, electrical conductors, and as a reflector in searchlights.

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