Who Discovered Some Specific Facts On The World?

The highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls in Venezuela. Its height reaches 979 meters. It was discovered in the year 1935 by the American Jimmy Angel born in 1899. He noticed the falls while flying over the Mount Roraima.

The deepest lake in the world is the Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. The deepest point of it reaches 1620 meters. The lake length reaches about 636 kilometers and its width reaches 80 kilometers. The lake is considered the widest fresh water lake in the world. The lake was discovered in the year 1643, by the Russian Kurbat Afanasyevich Ivanov whom died in the year 1666. The lake contains 20% of the fresh water in the world. While the Great lakes altogether contains 21% of the fresh water in the world.

The Grand Canyon is the largest canyon in the world, it is located in Arizona, USA. The grand Canyon length reaches up to 446 kilometers and the wide reaches up to 29 kilometers. with a depth reaches to 1800 meters. The Spainish García López de Cárdenas was the first to discover the Grand Canyon in the year 1540.

The oldest living organisms on the earth is the Bristlecone pine. Its age reaches up to 4843 years old. Its age was calculated in the year 1957. The bristlecone pine is located in the White mountains in California, United States of America.

The highest mountain in the world, is the Mount Everest that lies in Nepali, China. Its highest point reaches 8840 meters. In the year 1856, the British Andrew Waugh (1810-1878) was the first to give the mountain its name, after Sir George Everest. Andrew Waugh was the first to calculate its height.

The longest river in the world is the Nile River, which runs in Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda. In the year 1154, the Scottish traveller James Bruce (1730-1794) was the first to try to discover the source of the River Nile. The Amazon River is the widest river in the world, its wide reaches up to 10 kilometers in its widest part. It was discovered by the Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana (1511-1546).

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