Who Is The Falling Walls Foundation?

The Falling Walls Lab is an interdisciplinary format to showcase a new generation of high-level researchers, developed and hosted annually by the Falling Walls Foundation in Berlin on November 8th. The Falling Walls Global Science Summit and Berlin Science Week are organized annually by the Falling Walls Foundation. Berlin Science Week demonstrates scientific excellence, promotes discussion about the big issues of our time, and promotes forward-thinking event formats in science communication.

Every November, the Falling Walls Lab, Venture and Conference takes place in Berlin to bring the world together to promote research and innovation and how it helps improve our world. The conference brings together participants from all over the world to break down walls between borders and disciplines by sharing knowledge and making new connections. This international forum promotes interdisciplinary connections between ambitious scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals known for their excellent work as emerging scientists.

The scholarship programme is an excellent opportunity to connect with international and Berlin academic institutions and to network with colleagues from all over the world. The program also includes visits to selected scientific institutions in Berlin and participation in the Berlin Science Prize Ceremony on November 7, organized by the Mayor of Berlin. Its Intensive Tracking Program plans to promote and influence talented young women scientists internationally by including their stories and achievements in Falling Walls social media events and inviting them to speak at public events during Berlin Science Week. The Falling Walls Women in Science Talent Program is designed to facilitate the broad promotion of women in science and the advancement of outstanding talent through a program that typically includes 2 career support paths; the Talent Track, which creates 200 talents per cycle, the Intensive Track, Create 20 championships every year.

The Falling Walls Foundation is committed to integrating its unique resources, such as its multidisciplinary and cross-institutional networks and international platforms, to enable women in science to take a step forward in their doctoral and doctoral-level careers. The event, an international forum aimed at building bridges between business, politics, academia and the arts, is organized by the Falling Walls Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Berlin, offering world leaders in science, business and politics, and the arts a unique international platform and society. At the Falling Walls Lab finals on November 8, 100 innovators had the opportunity to present their work to a distinguished panel of judges and participate in the Falling Walls conference, which brings together the world’s best scientists and experts from science, business and senior representatives of innovative industries. The top three Julich finalists will have the opportunity to present their groundbreaking ideas at the Final Lab in Berlin and win tickets to The Falling Walls conference for the world’s top scientists.

The most intriguing speakers will get a trip to the Berlin Final Lab on November 8th. Nearly 100 international laboratories are held every year, with more than 1,000 speakers, 100 of which reach the final in Berlin. One hundred winners of these global events will travel to Berlin to present their innovative projects and join other conference participants. At the World Finals in Berlin, you will have the opportunity to present your organization to a global audience and compete for attractive cash prizes and research.

Participants have the opportunity to present their research project, business plan or civic initiative to a panel of experts in English. Each speaker delivers a 15-minute speech explaining how their scientific research helps break down the barriers of science and society. The top three speakers from Australia’s Falling Walls Lab have received pre-arranged awards and support from the Australian Academy of Sciences for their participation in the Falling Walls conference in Berlin, which brings together a global audience and those who are finding solutions to the biggest challenges. Our era, thus contributing to a better world every November on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Fall of the Berlin Wall Foundation organizes an annual scientific event in Berlin to commemorate the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (November 9, 1989) and to highlight the research work of international scientists from a wide range of fields.

FallingA Walls Labs’ international network includes leading academic institutions from more than 60 countries. The Falling Walls Lab is a world-class speech contest, online forum and springboard that brings together diverse and interdisciplinary students, researchers and emerging professionals to provide a stage for innovative ideas globally and locally. Falling Walls Lab London London provides a high-end platform for young scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs to showcase innovative research by young scientists to a group of luminaries in science, research and business. Falling Walls Lab is a platform for distinguished scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals of all disciplines who wish to present their research papers, business models, innovative projects or transformative ideas in front of their peers and a jury of distinguished academics and outstanding corporate scientists .

Three Green Talents alumni were named Falling Walls Young Innovator of the Year, invited to re-present their idea on the big stage at the Falling Walls conference, and received a cash prize. The winner of each international lab qualifies for the global final in Berlin on November 8th and wins a ticket to the Falling Walls conference, where they can network with the world’s promoters and shakers in science, business and politics. Falling Walls (FW) chose to use Braindates’ hybrid solution to create an inclusive networking experience where participants (virtually or in person) could connect to the collective knowledge of the Falling Walls contributor community.

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