Wireless Power Charging, New In 2011

Wireless Power
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* TI’s bqTESLA wireless charging development kit that will helps getting rid of cords on portable devices. Texas Instruments has announced at the beginning of the year about the industry of the  first Qi-certified wireless power development kit.  The device can help in the manufacturing of the chargers of different devices as smartphones, digital cameras, and MP3 players.


Wireless power uses near-field magnetic induction to transfer power from a charging base station to a portable device (an alternate technology from Fujitsu uses magnetic resonance). With magnetic induction, a transmitter coil in the charging pad sends power over distances of a few centimeters to a receiver coil embedded in the device. In the charging base station, a power conversion unit converts electrical power to a wireless power signal. At the receiver, the power pickup unit converts the wireless power signal back to electrical power to charge the device’s battery. The transmitter and receiver communicate with each other to control the charging process. A base station can have more than one transmitter to charge more than one device.

* A new piece of furniture, you will all love to have in your house. A two in one, a table and a gadget wireless charger, that you might have heard about, but of course you need to plug the  device into an electric plug.

Panasonic has reached a new development in that regard, now you have the choice not to use the electricity connected to the table to use as a charger, you can charge your  mobile, IPad , MP3 or any other gadget  just by placing them on the table. The solar panels located at the center of the table power the system of charging with the power needed to charge the wireless charging pads on the counter of the table which you can use to recharge your gadgets.

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